Pizza T and Ed of GLK to kick it SOON AS FUCK i mean Phuck like Philly Lesh

Oh shit, I am so stoked to go meet with Ed and sell some CD's of Z Kamp and Ghetto Lot kids gear to all the folkz on the west side of life. I'm not sure the purpose of posting this, but I feel,,... I mean phil like not a stranger.. oih shit I feel like its hiztory for us and I am syked for the Shoreline 2009 Dead dates. Oh shit, hit us up on the lot and BUY SOME MERCH TO KEEP US PIMPIN' Join the Z KAmp tour and peep the new

yes. some kind of mysterious causal force wanted me to go to the west coast and do dead tour with pizza t, because normally i could never afford this and all this lucky stuff keeps happening that landed me here, ragin cali.-Ed523