Price: $10.00
12x18 in. Dedicated to Katie Mae and Micah Souder

RVA Stealie

Price: $9.50

Represent home plate and/or that hip southern city you love to party in and the ragin' kids that live there with this stealie featuring the Richmond, VA skyline and James River 13 point lightning bolt. This was a collaboration with Devon Brown (Dee Brizzle), hense the Roots Vision DEEsign at the bottom. They're about 4x5 inches and comes in packs of 5. This is quite possibly a limited edition, so once they're gone, their gone!

Richmond, Virginia Deadhead sticker

Insty-Head Fred tshirt

Price: $15.00
An action figure! Dress him up in LRG and a flat breezy so he can stop being such a custy! On Guildan dark grey shirts. Girl's shirt pictured. If you wear this shirt on lot you too will become instantly heady since clearly you know whats up. i know, I know, you don't have to thank me.

The Deep End of Swagville

The Deep End Of Swagville The blog of Art World aficionado Maria Kazantzis has the header "Inspirational goodies of people, their fashion and music. A triad of art expressed through a colorful current of visual nonsense. Pensive, yet quality material... cause everyone could use a little swagger." In it she explores the creative expression of our beloved little sub/counterculture (whatever it is) and more.

She has written about GLK and posted the 3rd series and she asked me for an Artist's Bio which I found funny but obliged. You can read that here: Ed Wardo, Arteest. Go check her blog out. It might be a good place to keep up with the creative endevors of some people you have things in common with.


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